The Trinity in the Pentateuch

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Professors Matt Jensen, Joe Henderson, and Fred Sanders explore the question: "Is the Trinity in the Pentateuch?"

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  • Matt Jenson  

    • Torrey Honors Institute
    • Associate Professor of Theology
  • Joe Henderson  

    • Assistant Professor of Torrey Honors Institute
  • Fred Sanders  

    • Associate Professor, Torrey Honors Institute

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    • A Bryden Black
    • 11 months ago

    I wonder what difference Soulen's presence to this table-talk might make? That is to say, Jesus bears the Name of YHWH from eternity (Jn 17), and so how does that impact the discussion? Also, bit surprised no mention of Numbers 6:24-26 with its threefold structure, since this was beloved by some Early Church Fathers.
    For all that; great and important teaser folks; thanks!

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