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  • Ep 22: Winsome Persuasion

    Dr. Tim Muehlhoff - professor, speaker, and author - joins us to discuss his new book (co-written with Dr. Rick Langer), Winsome Persuasion. He answers questions that Christians must wrestle throug...

  • Ep 21b: B-side of Technology and Habits

    Mike sits down with two students - Judy Kim and Josh Durant - to continue the conversation on technology. For more:

  • Ep 21: Technology and Habits

    Arlene Pellicane, speaker and author, joins us to discuss her new book, Calm, Cool, and Connected. We discuss the ways technology shapes our habits, relationships, and worldviews, and how we might ...

  • Ep 20b: B-side of Outside-In Spirituality

    Mike Ahn sits down with three students - Brenda Arellano, Molly Larsen, and Justin Sinclair - to continue the conversation on embodied spirituality. For more:

  • Ep 20: Outside-In Spirituality

    from The Biola Hour

    by Lisa Igram

    25:06 — September 25, 2017

    Ep 20: Outside-In Spirituality

    Lisa Igram, the Associate Dean of Spiritual Development, discusses the importance of the body in our spiritual journeys. As a current Ph.D. student researching embodied spirituality, she provides a...

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