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The Psychology major provides opportunities to study a broad spectrum concerning human nature, the promotion of investigation and integration of psychology and theology and development and promotion of the use of the education in ministry and service

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Introduction to Human Behavior

Dr. Grace explores the complexity of human behavior through dissecting the root causes of human action, through a distinctly Christian perspective. He discusses the various fields of prominent Amer...



The Brain

The Brain

Dr. Grace discusses the various chemical agents in the human brain, their role in human functioning, and the effect that prescription and illegal drugs have on them. Causes of drug use, addiction,...

Subliminal Messaging

Dr. Grace teaches about subliminal messaging and reveals way in which it is effective and ways in which it fails. He explores topics ranging from subliminal messaging in advertising to lower theft...


Dr. Grace teaches on personality and asks the questions "where did we get our particular personality?" and "can I change my personality?" Various personality tests and theories of personality are ...

Psychological Disorders, Part 1

Dr. Grace covers a broad range of psychological and mental disorders, including case studies and examples of a variety of disorders. He discusses cultural influences, court cases, and diagnosing a...

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    • Christopher R Grace  

      • Director, Biola University‚Äôs Center for Marriage and Relationships
      • Professor of Psychology, Rosemead School of Psychology
    • John H Coe  

      • Professor of Philosophy and Spiritual Theology
      • Director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation
    • Steven L Porter  

      • Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology
    • Elizabeth Lewis Hall  

      • Professor of Psychology
    • Todd W Hall  

      • Professor of Psychology
      • Director, Institute for Research on Psychology and Spirituality
      • Editor, Journal of Psychology and Theology
    • Tamara Anderson  

      • Professor of Psychology
      • Associate Dean of Graduate Students
    • Keith J Edwards  

      • Professor of Psychology
    • Gary H Strauss  

      • Professor of Psychology


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