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The Torrey Honors Institute is a liberal arts and biblical studies program at Biola University. Its mission is to equip men and women to pursue truth, goodness and beauty in intellectual and spiritual community, enabling them to be strong Christian leaders.

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The Common Room

The Common Room

A common place for uncommon dialogue

The Common Room is an online series featuring dialogue from faculty at Biola's Torrey Honors Institute.

G. Campbell Morgan Theology Conference

This crash-course of Christian Theology features speakers such as Erik Thoennes, Rob Price, Matt Jenson, Ashish Naidu, John McKinley, Fred Sanders, Greg Peters, Joanne Jung, and Mark Saucy. Through...


After reviewing several non-Christian views of Jesus, Dr. Ashish Naidu describes a biblical perspective by reviewing Jesus' three primary titles of Son of man, Lord, and Christ as well as His three...


Dr. John McKinley teaches on the Holy Spirit by describing His identity and work. He discusses the biblical definitions of the Holy Spirit's deity, power, and roles.

Torrey Honors: Literature

The Torrey Honors Institute is a Great Books honors program at Biola University, emphasizing dialogue with primary texts and community discussion. The seminar-style program is supplemented by a se...

Film as Text

Dr. John Mark Reynolds discusses the drawbacks and benefits of recorded media, particularly as it relates to film.

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    • Fred Sanders  

      • Associate Professor, Torrey Honors Institute
    • Matt Jenson  

      • Torrey Honors Institute
      • Associate Professor of Theology
    • Paul Spears  

      • Associate Professor
      • Director, Torrey Honors Institute
    • John Mark Reynolds  

      • Former Director of the Torrey Honors Institute and Professor of Philosophy, Biola University
      • Provost, Houston Baptist University
    • Melissa Schubert  

      • Assistant Professor of Torrey Honors Institute
    • Greg S Peters  

      • Associate Professor of Torrey Honors Institute
      • Director of Faculty Advancement, Torrey Honors Institute
    • Jamie Y. Whitaker Campbell  

      • Assistant Professor of Humanities and Law, Torrey Honors Institute
    • Donna Thoennes  

      • Associate Professor of Torrey Honors Institute
    • Robert Llizo  

      • Lecturer


    • Education

      from Torrey Honors: History

      by Paul Spears

      55:12 — September 3, 2010


      Dr. Paul Spears discusses education as it relates to dominant schools of thought in the modern university. He emphasizes that students need to have a clear definition of knowledge and the purpose o...

    • St. Augustine's Theology of History

      Dr. Robert Llizo teaches on St. Augustine's theology as it relates to history. He shows that Augustine's mentality toward history centered on God's actions in time. He ends with a question and answ...

    • Humanity and Sin

      Dr. Matt Jenson explains that a theological perspective on humanity must begin with an accurate perspective on Christ, God incarnate. He shows that Christians must recognize that humans are a union...

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