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Addiction and Temptation

A rich diversity of speakers address the relevant issues of addiction and temptation. Ranging from topics like sexuality and alcohol to "coolness," this collection offers a thorough look into the t...

Media and Technology Ethics

The information age has made a profound impact on society, and the Christian community must be ready to respond to the changing dynamic. In this collection, speakers analyze the effect of media on ...

The Church and Social Justice

This massive collection deals with the incredibly important connection between the Church and social justice. Speakers from within Biola's community, such as Douglas Pennoyer and Joanne Jung, as we...



Art and Faith

Art and Faith

In this series, listeners will be challenged to consider the dynamic relationship between art and faith. David Taylor, Charlene Melhorn, and Lynn Aldrich discuss how art might be used to communicat...

Environmental Stewardship

As caretakers in the Garden of Eden, and by extension guardians of the world as a whole, Christians have an enormous responsibility to the environment. Yet, how does the Christian effectively manag...

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