Torrey Honors: History

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  • Greek Philosophy and Culture

    Dr. John Mark Reynolds discusses the history of western philosophy. He traces the intellectual progression from Homer all the way to Paul's sermon in Athens.

  • Hegel

    from Torrey Honors: History

    by Fred Sanders

    50:07 — September 3, 2010


    Dr. Fred Sanders teaches on German philosopher Hegel. He covers his life, his major works, and some of the fundamental aspects of his philosophy.

  • Education

    from Torrey Honors: History

    by Paul Spears

    55:12 — September 3, 2010


    Dr. Paul Spears discusses education as it relates to dominant schools of thought in the modern university. He emphasizes that students need to have a clear definition of knowledge and the purpose o...

  • St. Augustine's Theology of History

    Dr. Robert Llizo teaches on St. Augustine's theology as it relates to history. He shows that Augustine's mentality toward history centered on God's actions in time. He ends with a question and answ...


The Torrey Honors Institute is a Great Books honors program at Biola University, emphasizing dialogue with primary texts and community discussion. The seminar-style program is supplemented by a series of context lectures to help students understand the ways in which those Great Books exerted influence on their surrounding culture as well as the way the authors were influenced by the context in which they wrote. The context lectures presented here focus broadly on historical subjects, from Greek culture, to Hegel, to the Federalist/Anti-Federalist debate in early America.


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