Missions Conference 2013

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  • Outpour: Missions Conference 2013

    Rebekah Davis and Keaton Tyndall of Biola's Student Missionary Union introduce the 2013 Missions Conference. Sharing testimonies from the international mission field as well as the vision of SMU, t...

  • Unearthing the Lost: Re-Envisioning Biblical Foundations for Missions

    Timothy Liu explains the importance of Christian missions work in the marketplace. He encourages his audience to work with all diligence at their schoolwork, because their current calling is to be ...

  • Encountering the Glory of God

    from Outpour

    by Jimmy Seibert

    44:55 — March 13, 2013

    Encountering the Glory of God

    Pastor Jimmy Seibert shares his testimony and preaches the importance of encountering God to accomplish his will. He explains that only radical submission to Jesus will bring God's radical plan to ...

  • Beholding & Proclaiming the Glory of Christ

    Dr. Erik Thoennes explains that beholding the glory of God is the starting point of missions. He shows from Scripture that Jesus is the ultimate display of God's glory, and it is in the person of J...

  • Putting Flesh on Dry Bones: Making Alive the People of God in Missional Communities

    Timothy Liu discusses what missions work looks like in the global marketplace. He explains that Christians have a responsibility to excel in God-honoring work and share the gospel with the people w...

  • Yes, You Can

    from Outpour

    by Pam Sardar

    39:59 — March 14, 2013

    Yes, You Can

    Missionary Pam Sardar relates her incredible testimony of coming to faith in America and preaching in India. She shares with her audience that God wants to do impossible things through his people s...

  • His Glory Through the Church

    from Outpour

    by Jimmy Seibert

    66:23 — March 14, 2013

    His Glory Through the Church

    Pastor Jimmy Seibert shares his testimony of missions work and explains that God uses his people in their brokenness. Illustrating with his own experience, he shows the importance of abiding in God...

  • Distributing His Glory in the Earth

    Pastor Jimmy Seibert closes Missions Conference 2013. He urges his audience to have compassion toward the lost in the world and follow Jesus' instruction by seeking them out. Seibert explains that ...


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