Environmental Stewardship

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As caretakers in the Garden of Eden, and by extension guardians of the world as a whole, Christians have an enormous responsibility to the environment. Yet, how does the Christian effectively manage this responsibility? In this collection, Emma Sleeth, Matthew Sleeth, and Scott Rodin attempt to answer just that.


  • Garrett J DeWeese  

    • Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
  • Craig J Hazen  

    • Professor of Comparative Religion and Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Christian Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Science and Religion
  • David Pelser

    • Director, Public Works
  • Brent A. Ridley  

    • Former Associate Professor of Physical Science
  • John A. Bloom  

    • Professor of Physics
    • Chair, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Dept.
    • Academic Director, MA in Science and Religion
  • Calvin Beisner

    • Co-Founder / Author / Speaker, The Cornwell Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation
  • Matthew Sleeth

    • MD / Author, Blessed Earth
  • Emma Sleeth

    • Author / Special Projects Coordinator, Blessed Earth
  • John Chan

    • Environmental Designer, Formation Association

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