BBST 251: Theology I

Fall 2010, Dr. Erik Thoennes

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  • The Doctrine of Sin

    from BBST 251: Theology I

    by Erik Thoennes

    58:02 — October 28, 2010

    The Doctrine of Sin

    Dr. Erik Thoennes unpacks a biblical definition of sin. He states that Christians must recognize the innate depravity of humanity and emphasizes that sin is a personal affront to God.

  • The Reversal of Fortune

    from BBST 251: Theology I

    by Erik Thoennes

    57:37 — November 4, 2010

    The Reversal of Fortune

    Dr. Erik Thoennes takes time to examine a hymn and see humanity's need for Christ. He goes on to discuss the fundamental point of the gospel and teaches how humanity is in desperate need of its sal...

  • The Doctrine of Jesus, Part 1

    After reviewing a popular perspective on Jesus as relayed through Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Erik Thoennes takes his class through several key passages to determine what the Bible truly says about Christ. ...

  • The Doctrine of Jesus, Part 2

    Dr. Erik Thoennes works through Scripture to show that Jesus was both human and God. He takes particular care to show that Jesus was fully aware of his deity.

  • The Four Affirmations of Biblical Christology

    After reviewing the divinity of Christ, Dr. Erik Thoennes describes Jesus' utter humanity. He gives scriptural evidence to show that Jesus experienced physical limitations, faced temptation, and wa...

  • The Humanity of Christ, Part 1

    Dr. Erik Thoennes uses the beginning of 1 John to emphasize that Christ's humanity is a marvelous thing. He continues to explain that Christ's humanity is eternal, and that if Jesus is not truly hu...

  • The Humanity of Christ, Part 2

    Dr. Erik Thoennes shows that Jesus' humanity included an active religious life and should serve as a model for Christians today. He also shows that Christ is eternally human and represents humanity...

  • Unity of the Nature of God

    Dr. Erik Thoennes teaches on the significance of affirming the distinction of the divine and human natures of Christ, as well as recognizing the unity of the two natures in one person. He emphasize...


Dr. Erik Thoennes teaches some of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. These include the biblical doctrines of Christ, the Trinity, man, and sin. Thoennes additionally explains the historical development of many of the doctrines.


  • Erik Thoennes  

    • Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
    • Chair, Biblical & Theological Studies Theology Department

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