Ask the Experts: Energy & the Environment

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In connection with Earth Day, Biola University Professors Craig Hazen, Garry DeWeese, John Bloom and Brent Ridley as well as alumnus David Pelser address the role that Christians should be playing in creation care. In this roundtable discussion, listeners will be exposed to the Biblical stance on matters of nuclear waste, electricity consumption, overpopulation, and many more major environmental care issues.


  • Craig J Hazen  

    • Professor of Comparative Religion and Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Christian Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Science and Religion
  • Garrett J DeWeese  

    • Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
  • David Pelser

    • Director, Public Works
  • Brent A. Ridley  

    • Former Associate Professor of Physical Science
  • John A. Bloom  

    • Professor of Physics
    • Chair, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Dept.
    • Academic Director, MA in Science and Religion

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