Tim Pollard


  • Vice President of Distribution and Strategy for Peacemaker Ministries

Tim Pollard serves as Vice President of Distribution and Strategy for Peacemaker Ministries. Tim also serves various Christian ministries as an advisor on strategy. His primary goal is to help Peacemaker Ministries and other organizations translate their visions into more effective strategies, and has also worked extensively on understanding how Christian organizations should (and should not) apply commercial business practices to their Kingdom work. Prior to joining Peacemaker Ministries, Tim served as Executive Director of a U.S. consulting firm, helping Fortune 500 companies execute best practices in the areas of strategy and marketing. Tim and his wife, Ruth, live in Billings with their four children.

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  • The Nature of Conflict

    Conflict is all around us, painfully building up walls and tearing down relationships. And it is not as random as you think – it follows quite predictable patterns. This session provides a biblical...

  • The Hope & Impact of the Gospel

    Because of Jesus work on the cross, not only are we provided with reconciliation with God, but also given the vision and means to be reconciled with others. The gospel is the true key to healthy re...

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