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  • Having the Fire

    from Set Us Ablaze

    by JFK Mensah

    48:35 — March 16, 2011

    Having the Fire

    After discussing his past, Reverend JFK Mensah teaches on the theme of the 2011 Missions Conference: "Ablaze." He defines what it means to be ablaze for God and how this happens.

  • Jesus is Lord

    from Set Us Ablaze

    by Mark Parker

    55:09 — March 16, 2011

    Jesus is Lord

    Missionary Mark Parker teaches that Christians must know a personal Jesus. He emphasizes that factual knowledge will never spark the passion necessary for missions.

  • Alumni Story: Julie Smith

    from Set Us Ablaze

    by Julie Smith

    9:09 — March 17, 2011

    Alumni Story: Julie Smith

    Biola graduate Julie Smith discusses God's work in her life since she graduated from the university.

  • Alumni Story: Justin Wheeler

    Biola graduate Justine Wheeler discusses his work with missions in China and North Korea.

  • Alumni Story: Arnold Humble

    from Set Us Ablaze

    by Arnold Humble

    13:14 — March 17, 2011

    Alumni Story: Arnold Humble

    Biola alumnus Arnold Humble discusses his life and his missions work in Indonesia.

  • True Salvation

    from Set Us Ablaze

    by Mark Parker

    57:36 — March 17, 2011

    True Salvation

    Missionary Mark Parker discusses the true message of salvation and its application to the Christian life.

  • Responding to God's Call

    from Consume

    by Oscar Muriu

    38:14 — March 14, 2012

    Responding to God's Call

    Oscar Muriu asks his audience, "Are the things that you are planning to live for worth Christ's dying for?" He urges his audience to lay their whole lives before God.

  • Isaiah's Commission

    from Consume

    by David Guzik

    42:55 — March 15, 2012

    Isaiah's Commission

    David Guzik looks at Isaiah 6 and teaches on the holiness of God. He explains that an encounter with the throne of God brings a perspective of humility and reverence to the Christian commission.

  • Testimony

    from Consume

    by Dennis Nadley

    19:26 — March 16, 2012


    Dennis Nadley shares his testimony of missions work, pastoral work, and evangelism.

  • Faith and Calling

    from Consume

    by Oscar Muriu

    42:45 — March 16, 2012

    Faith and Calling

    Oscar Muriu exhorts his audience to bring their faith before God and believe for impossible things.

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