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  • Christianity: Generation to Generation

    David Guzik teaches out of 2 Kings 2. He exhorts his audience to carry the torch of the previous generation and to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Authority of Christ

    from Consume

    by Nolan Clark

    49:02 — March 15, 2012

    The Authority of Christ

    Nolan Smith teaches from Matthew 28 to show that all authority belongs to Christ. He shows that this is a source of confidence and encouragement for Christians.

  • Putting Flesh on Dry Bones: Making Alive the People of God in Missional Communities

    Timothy Liu discusses what missions work looks like in the global marketplace. He explains that Christians have a responsibility to excel in God-honoring work and share the gospel with the people w...

  • Yes, You Can

    from Outpour

    by Pam Sardar

    39:59 — March 14, 2013

    Yes, You Can

    Missionary Pam Sardar relates her incredible testimony of coming to faith in America and preaching in India. She shares with her audience that God wants to do impossible things through his people s...

  • His Glory Through the Church

    from Outpour

    by Jimmy Seibert

    66:23 — March 14, 2013

    His Glory Through the Church

    Pastor Jimmy Seibert shares his testimony of missions work and explains that God uses his people in their brokenness. Illustrating with his own experience, he shows the importance of abiding in God...

  • Distributing His Glory in the Earth

    Pastor Jimmy Seibert closes Missions Conference 2013. He urges his audience to have compassion toward the lost in the world and follow Jesus' instruction by seeking them out. Seibert explains that ...

  • SMU Chapel Fall 2013

    from Undergraduate Chapel: Fall 2013

    31:08 — November 25, 2013

    SMU Chapel Fall 2013

    Chase and Alicia Andre share their experience of ministering to multicultural communities with their church. They encourage their listeners to seek out missional opportunities in the communities su...

  • Why Missions? To Hasten the Return of the Day

    Pastor Rodrick Gilbert speaks about the nature of missions and how Christians ought to approach reaching the world with the gospel. He explains that missions hastens the day of Christ's return and ...

  • Blessing to the Nations

    from Echo

    by Afshin Ziafat

    44:26 — March 12, 2014

    Blessing to the Nations

    Pastor Afshin Ziafat preaches the gospel from beginning to end and exhorts his audience to become enthralled with their salvation. Only when there is a passion for and from salvation, Ziafat says, ...

  • Our Role in the Making

    from Echo

    by Megan Fate Marshman

    42:22 — March 13, 2014

    Our Role in the Making

    Megan Fate Marshman preaches out of Acts 1, encouraging her listeners to walk boldly in the power and ministry of Jesus. She emphasizes that ever since Jesus left, his church has taken over his min...

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