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  • The Next Twenty Years

    John Edmiston takes a preemptive look into the next twenty years of the mission field. Edminston offers a wealth of tangible data on current trends in the culture of the Church and projects that he...

  • Introduction

    from Taking Faith To Work

    by Steven Rundle

    15:26 — April 16, 2013


    Dr. Steve Rundle introduces the "Taking Faith to Work" seminar. He presents the question that the seminars will address: how can pastors better equip the members of their congregations to minister ...

  • How to Interact in the Workplace with a Christian Perspective

    Rev. David Miller presents tools and ideas with which pastors can help the members of their congregations integrate their faith and work. He shows that God has consistently expressed the importance...

  • Launched or Landed

    from Taking Faith To Work

    by Doug Spada

    87:02 — April 16, 2013

    Launched or Landed

    Doug Spada discusses the importance of viewing work in the marketplace as ministry. He explains some of the challenges that workers are confronted with when integrating their faith and work, then s...

  • Empowering Your Congregation

    Dr. Amy Sherman explains the importance of empowering believers to minister in the workplace. She explains that Christians often don't recognize their positions of influence, so pastors must find a...

  • Conclusion

    from Taking Faith To Work

    by Scott B Rae

    4:05 — April 16, 2013


    Dr. Scott Rae concludes the "Taking Faith to Work" seminar. He echoes the speakers' conviction that all believers belong to full-time ministry; the very work they participate in is work unto God.

  • Learning to Trust God

    from Taking Faith To Work

    by Doug Spada

    61:49 — April 16, 2013

    Learning to Trust God

    Doug Spada addresses the common struggle of Christians to switch God off during the work week. He asks his audience to consider the ways that they have switched God off. Spada encourages his listen...

  • Failure in Business

    from MBA Lectures

    by Tim Taber

    41:20 — October 28, 2013

    Failure in Business

    Tim Taber, President of Transparent Productions, discusses how Christians can respond to failure in business. He shares his own story, with its share of failures, and explains how God has used thos...

  • Leadership in a Wireless World

    Tami Heim, President and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, discusses business leadership in the constantly changing contemporary society. She looks at the example of leadership set by Jesus and...

  • Uncommon Impact

    Justin Blaney explains that being uniquely oneself is critically important to serving others. He encourages his listeners to consider their reasons for the actions they take and the goals they set....

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