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  • Reproduction Ethics and Infertility Issues

    Dr. Scott Rae untangles the difficulties that face couples considering alternate means of reproduction. Dr. Rae provides listeners with tools intended to help these couples navigate this often-trou...

  • The Theological Implications of Reproductive Alternatives

    Dr. Scott Rae outlines the theological and moral parameters concerned with reproductive alternatives. Dr. Rae's lecture is geared towards preparing listeners to advise and encourage couples dealing...

  • Mendel's Law and the Process of Meiosis

    Dr. Jason Tresser teaches Mendel's laws of genetics and how these can be used to predict the phenotypes of offspring. He then goes on to explain how these manifest during meiosis and the process of...

  • DNA Reproduction

    from BIOS 332: Genetics

    by Jason Tresser

    38:49 — September 14, 2012

    DNA Reproduction

    Dr. Jason Tresser explains how DNA can be artificially reproduced using polymerase proteins and primer tags of DNA. He goes on to explain the process of transcription, in which the information from...

  • Origins of Life and Hereditary Genetics

    Dr. Jason Tresser makes an argument for intelligent design. He demonstrates the statistical impossibility of proteins arising spontaneously and the lack of other explanations. From this, he makes a...

  • Dominant and Recessive Genotypes

    Dr. Jason Tresser explains how the manifestation of a genotype can be altered by the way a cell manages its gene expression. He goes on to explain linkage, where genes share a chromosome, and how t...

  • Chromosomes and Hereditary Genes

    Dr. Jason Tresser teaches gene mapping techniques that can be used to locate where a certain allele shows up in a species' genome. This is particularly important to human genetics, he explains, bec...

  • Anthropological Theory

    Dr. Douglas Hayward discusses the theoretical basis for anthropological inquiry. Dr. Hayward gives six different anthropological theories and reflects on these theories in the light of the Christia...

  • Splicing and RNA Coding

    from BIOS 332: Genetics

    by Jason Tresser

    45:54 — September 21, 2012

    Splicing and RNA Coding

    Dr. Jason Tresser explains the process that cells use to adjust genomic information at the RNA level, giving special attention to splicing. He goes on to discuss the process of turning RNA informat...

  • DNA Replication

    Dr. Jason Tresser explains the process of DNA replication that occurs in a cell. He discusses various polymerase proteins and how each of them contribute to the replication process. Dr. Tresser fir...

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