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  • Just Sentiments: Lessons from C.S. Lewis

    Dr. Thaddeus Williams speaks about the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit. He explains that people are powerless to destroy sin by themselves, but with the power of the Spirit sin can be destroyed...

  • The Temptation of the Flesh as Vice

    Dr. John Coe speaks about the temptation of vice that Paul writes about in Galatians. He explains that the will was never intended to continually overcome sin and so it cannot. Rather, it is the ch...

  • Adversity as Spiritual Formation

    by Gerald Sittser

    73:14 — February 20, 2014

    Adversity as Spiritual Formation

    Dr. Gerald Sittser uses the story of Joseph and his personal experience to explain that God uses suffering to bring about immense spiritual growth. He encourages his listeners with the truth that s...

  • Temptations

    from Talbot Chapels: Spring 2014

    by John H Coe

    34:07 — February 18, 2014


    Dr. John Coe speaks about the temptation of legalism that Paul writes about in Galatians. He explains from Scripture that "working harder" will never relieve the burden of spiritual failure, becaus...

  • When wanting isn't enough

    by John H Coe

    17:42 — January 31, 2014

    When wanting isn't enough

    John Coe (philosopher and theologian at Biola's Institute for Spiritual Formation) comments on the struggles of human desire in the process of spiritual and psychological transformation. The Table...

  • Finding quietness of heart in centering prayer

    James Wilhoit (Professor of Christian Education at Wheaton College) comments on the practice of "Centering Prayer," an effort to make Christian contemplation more accessible to the church. Wilhoit ...

  • Worship that affirms our humanity

    by Kelly Kapic

    20:03 — January 31, 2014

    Worship that affirms our humanity

    Kelly Kapic (theologian at Covenant College) discusses the Christian conception of worship along three lines: 1. God doesn't need your worship. 2. The fullness of worship is delight in Father, So...

  • Becoming a Saint: The Practical Psychology of Sanctity

    Philosopher Peter Kreeft (Boston College) asks whether sanctity is our summum bonum (our 'highest good'), and reflects on the resources of pre-modern and modern psychology.

  • Becoming a Gospel Diagnostician

    Dr. Greg Ganssle of the Rivendell Institution at Yale University offers three conceptual images to help Christians understand how they must apply the gospel to culture. He urges his audience to loo...

  • The Gospel and the Mission of the Christian Intellectual

    Dr. Greg Ganssle of the Rivendell Institution at Yale University explains that sharing the gospel means significantly more than explaining the mechanism of substitutionary atonement. Dr. Ganssle ur...

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