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  • Engaging All God's People Involved in Mission

    Is everyone called to the life of missions? Ed Stetzer thinks the answer is yes, but explains that "missions" goes beyond foreign travel and preaching. Stetzer redefines missions as living for the ...

  • To the Ends of the Earth

    from Greater

    by Chris Clayman

    43:47 — March 12, 2015

    To the Ends of the Earth

    Oftentimes, we are more interested in making our own plans and inviting God along for the ride than in actually taking Him up on His. It is the realm outside of our plans, however, in which miracle...

  • Give Your Life Away

    from Greater

    by Paul Chinchen

    40:32 — March 12, 2015

    Give Your Life Away

    Paul Chinchen describes God's work in Africa, and His tendency to use individuals powerfully. He can bring about change through one person's obedience, and is glorified in this. The one who walks w...

  • Life Purpose in 30 Minutes or Less

    We are not meant to be the source of our own life. Clyde Hickman posits that one can only find purpose in a life centered on God, and that Christ's followers have a common purpose. God's plan is to...

  • Who is God in the World Today?

    from Greater

    by Marla Campbell

    52:41 — March 11, 2015

    Who is God in the World Today?

    Dr. Maria Campbell claims that in order to know who you are as a person, you must first know God. In an increasingly despiritualized western society, where emphasis is placed on the natural world, ...

  • The Great I AM Wants Justice

    from Greater

    by Palmer Chinchen

    46:15 — March 11, 2015

    The Great I AM Wants Justice

    Where is God in a world full of injustice? Palmer Chinchen tackles the subject in his discussion of a just God's participation in an unjust world, and addresses how God's heart for justice extends ...

  • Swinburne: On His Ministry to Russia

    No description available

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