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  • A Helper for What?

    Pastor Tom Nelson speaks about the centrality of work to humanity. He examines Genesis 1 and 2 to demonstrate that man was created with a call to work. Nelson encourages his listeners to see every ...

  • The Worth of Work

    from Talbot Chapel: Spring 2015

    by Helen Mitchell

    33:09 — February 17, 2015

    The Worth of Work

    Pastor Helen Mitchell of Saddleback Church discusses the value of work outside of the church context, and the importance of supporting this work through pastoral teaching. She explains that God is ...

  • Leadership in a Wireless World

    Tami Heim, President and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, discusses business leadership in the constantly changing contemporary society. She looks at the example of leadership set by Jesus and...

  • Increase Spiritual Fruit in a Digital World

    Kent Shaffer discusses the centrality of the Holy Spirit to effective ministry. He explains to his listeners that despite the wide variety of ministry models and measures of effectiveness, the focu...

  • The Power of a High-Performing Homebase

    Tami Heim, President of Christian Leadership Alliance, shares her experience of bringing her organization into the digital realm. She explains the importance of having a clear vision and mission, s...

  • Love Your Place

    Pastor Robert Campbell of Santa Margarita Community Church explains the fundamental unity between people and place. He encourages his listeners to love and serve the people and place directly aroun...

  • Entering Into the Joy of The Master

    Dr. Ken Berding examines the parable of the talents from Matthew 25. He explains that Scripture seems to indicate that this parable is not about ability or possessions, but rather about the knowled...

  • Why It's Genuine to be Generous

    Pastor Chip Ingram explains why being generous is the intelligent way to live as a Christian. He shares several of his own experiences and points to a number of critical Scriptures to support his s...

  • Women in Management

    from MBA Lectures

    by Gloria Nelund

    80:10 — March 20, 2014

    Women in Management

    Gloria Nelund, Chairman, Co-founder and CEO of Trilinc Global, tells her story of working in the business world. She shares the unique challenges that confronted her as a woman and how she was able...

  • Founder's Day 2014

    As part of Biola University's Founder's Day, Dr. Fred Sanders discusses "The Fundamentals," a set of publications created by Biola's founders to freely distribute the basic and central doctrines of...

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