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  • Founder's Day 2014

    As part of Biola University's Founder's Day, Dr. Fred Sanders discusses "The Fundamentals," a set of publications created by Biola's founders to freely distribute the basic and central doctrines of...

  • The Theology of First John

    Dr. Fred Sanders discusses the theology of 1 John. He explains the spiraling structure of the book, noting that John's focus is not to argue but to deepen the beliefs of an audience who already has...

  • Theology of the Trinity

    Dr. Fred Sanders examines the book of 1 John to see how the trinity is addressed. He notes that John summarizes the entirety of the gospel with the simple phrase, "God is light." He continues on to...

  • Heaven and Hell

    Dr. Allen Yeh discusses views of heaven and hell. He looks through Scripture to establish what heaven and hell are and are not and evaluates several prominent perspectives. Yeh also discusses the i...

  • Egalitarian vs. Complimentarian

    Dr. Allen Yeh discusses church offices and the roles of women in these offices. He establishes biblical definitions of the offices and considers which types of church organization reflect the bibli...

  • The Trinity

    from BBST 458: Theology of Mission

    by Allen L Yeh

    71:20 — April 30, 2013

    The Trinity

    Dr. Allen Yeh discusses the doctrine of the trinity and expresses the importance of a proper theology of the trinity to missions. He explains that the trinity is crucial to the gospel. Yeh also dis...

  • What the Gospel Says About Faith & Works

    Dr. Allen Yeh considers the issue of faith and works as they relate to salvation. He explains that many cultures where missions are prevalent relate to shame far more than guilt which speaks to the...

  • The Resurrection of Christ

    Pastor Alistair Begg preaches on the significance of Christ's ascension. He explains that Christ's ascension is a beautiful last image of Christ that eradicates the image of Christ crucified to his...

  • Ecumenism

    from BBST 458: Theology of Mission

    by Allen L Yeh

    72:15 — April 18, 2013


    Dr. Allen Yeh considers ecumenism, the unity of the church. He shows through Scripture the importance that Jesus ascribed to unity, and considers the tensions that arise when a diverse world comes ...

  • Church and Holy Spirit

    Dr. Allen Yeh explains a biblical definition of church. He considers the church as both the global body of all believers and the church as a local entity. Yeh emphasizes the importance of diversity...

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