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  • Shopping for Church Like It's a Car

    The consumeristic approach to spirituality is dangerous. Ruth Haley Barton confronts an issue and calls for a more authentic and committed approach to Christian spirituality.

  • Spiritual Theology for the Church

    There is a gap in our theological and pastoral training between understanding the content of the faith and the praxis of spiritual formation, a gap that needs to be bridged by an understanding of t...

  • Christ and the City, Part 2

    Pastor Christopher Brooks, author of "Urban Apologetics," explains the power of the gospel to affect culture. He shares three axioms around which Christian interaction with culture is centered: the...

  • Byzantine Evangelicalism: Seeing Icons With Protestant Eyes

    Dr. Matthew Milliner of Wheaton College discusses the proper role of icons in Christian faith, drawing parallels between current opinion of icons to the iconclast period of Byzantine Christianity. ...

  • Cynicism

    Professor Craig Hill considers why Christians become cynical toward God and other believers. He explains that hurts and lies are the root of mistrust, and so honesty is the best solution to cynicis...

  • Making Multiplying Disciples

    from Echo

    by Rodrick Gilbert

    47:24 — March 14, 2014

    Making Multiplying Disciples

    Pastor Rodrick Gilbert discusses the importance of discipleship and the possibilities that arise when Christians are actively evangelizing. He urges his audience to recognize the importance of the ...

  • Ends of the Earth

    from Echo

    by Afshin Ziafat

    50:22 — March 13, 2014

    Ends of the Earth

    Pastor Afshin Ziafat discusses how the mission of Jesus is walked out in the lives of Christians. He shares some of his own story and emphasizes the importance of discipleship in the local church. ...

  • Church is Missionary: The Life of the Church and the Gospel

    Dr. Mickey Klink preaches about the missional nature of the church. He explains that the ideal realtionship between the church and the world is for the church to be a faithful presence within the w...

  • How wisdom transforms community

    2:05 — December 13, 2013

    How wisdom transforms community

    The great ideas that shape culture often begin in communities of people working out and sharing those ideas together - communities where disagreement doesn't divide or separate, but makes the ideas...

  • Even the best ideas have a weakness

    1:53 — December 13, 2013

    Even the best ideas have a weakness

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