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  • Our Role in the Making

    from Echo

    by Megan Fate Marshman

    42:22 — March 13, 2014

    Our Role in the Making

    Megan Fate Marshman preaches out of Acts 1, encouraging her listeners to walk boldly in the power and ministry of Jesus. She emphasizes that ever since Jesus left, his church has taken over his min...

  • Filling of the Spirit

    Dr. Todd Pickett introduces Torrey Conference 2013. He considers Jesus' statement that it is better if he leaves, explaining that it is in fact better because of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit ca...

  • Theology of the Trinity

    Dr. Fred Sanders examines the book of 1 John to see how the trinity is addressed. He notes that John summarizes the entirety of the gospel with the simple phrase, "God is light." He continues on to...

  • Telling His Story

    Dr. Nancy Grisham shares some of her testimony and urges her audience to realize the importance of their mission as Christians. She explains that the work of Christ is finished and the sins of the ...

  • Our Call and Mission of the Good News to the World

    Dr. Murray Decker encourages his audience to go boldly into the world and share the gospel, even if the task is intimidating. He draws parallels between how many Christians feel and how the discipl...

  • Salvation

    from TTTH 613: Theology III

    by Robert L. Saucy

    65:41 — December 8, 2011


    Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology, Dr. Robert Saucy, lectures on the controversy involving assurance of salvation and presents various arguments for and against the idea of someone los...

  • God and the World

    Dr. Rob Price explains a proper mentality toward the relationship between God and the world. He relates this correct mentality to perspectives on salvation, the Trinity, and the omnipotence of God.

  • Christology

    After reviewing several non-Christian views of Jesus, Dr. Ashish Naidu describes a biblical perspective by reviewing Jesus' three primary titles of Son of man, Lord, and Christ as well as His three...

  • Doctrine of the Trinity

    Dr. Erik Thoennes explains the Biblical evidence and significance of the Trinity, beginning by showing evidence in the Old Testament and continuing into the New Testament. He goes on to emphasize t...

  • Becoming a World-Changer

    Pastor J.P. Jones talks about how a world-changer needs a life-defining encounter with Jesus, a life-transforming encounter with the Spirit, and a life-captivating revelation of the kingdom of God.

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