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  • Who is God?

    from Greater

    by Henry Joseph

    36:32 — March 11, 2015

    Who is God?

    Henry Joseph preaches on understanding who God is within the context of Exodus chapter 3:13-15. He discusses God’s hand on Moses’ life in preparing him for a mission. Throughout Moses’ life God t...

  • The Uncomfortable Names of God

    Dr. Rick Langer discusses the names and roles of Jesus that are less emphasized and harder to accept. He focuses on Jesus as master and judge, explaining the responsibility this places on Christian...

  • Happiness and the Blessed Life

    Mike Ahn considers the nature of the human heart in response to blessing and happiness. He explains that happiness is only found in God, and yet so often people turn to other things. Ahn urges his ...

  • God is Missionary: The Life of God and the Gospel

    Dr. Mickey Klink shows from Scripture that God is, at his core, a missionary God. He surveys Scripture to highlight the garden imagery used throughout the Bible that demonstrates God care for the w...

  • The Big Question

    Kevin Bennie, After Dark Chapel Graduate Intern, addresses the ever-present question, "What will I do with my life?" He shares his own experience of making plans, changing plans, and following God'...

  • Worship that affirms our humanity

    by Kelly Kapic

    20:03 — January 31, 2014

    Worship that affirms our humanity

    Kelly Kapic (theologian at Covenant College) discusses the Christian conception of worship along three lines: 1. God doesn't need your worship. 2. The fullness of worship is delight in Father, So...

  • Hearing God

    from Undergraduate Chapel: Spring 2014

    by Todd Pickett

    29:00 — January 29, 2014

    Hearing God

    Dr. Todd Pickett considers how Christians can discern the voice of God amidst the noise of life. He explains the ways that the approach, content, relevance, and effect of the voice of God will be e...

  • Gloria Patri

    from Talbot Chapels: Fall 2013

    by Paul Felix

    35:18 — November 26, 2013

    Gloria Patri

    Dr. Paul Felix speaks about living as doxological Christians. He explains that the life of a Christian must be one that emobodies praise and glory to God. He looks at Ephesians 3, where Paul gives ...

  • Remaining Faithful

    Jonathan Uyboco teaches about God's faithfulness out of 2 Chronicles. He explains the history surrounding the reign of Jehoram and his wife Athaliah. Uyboco shows how, even in the midst of wickedne...

  • Christian Themes in 'Lord of the Rings'

    Dr. Peter Kreeft explains some of the unseen Christian foundations that undergird "The Lord of the Rings." He shows that the most important character in the series is someone who is never named: Go...

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