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  • A Conversation with Guite and Bell

    Dr. Todd Pickett speaks with Malcolm Guite and Steve Bell about the role of poetry, creativity, and repitition in the Christian life. They discuss the practice of liturgy and how a revamped underst...

  • Remaining Humble Through Your Faith

    Pastor Garrick Hanger explains the importance of humility in ministry. He discusses the diversity of the church and the nature of community, stating that humility is the only way to endure the kind...

  • Talbot Convocation: Spring 2014

    Dr. Scott Rae speaks at the Spring 2014 Convocation ceremony. He explains the significance of Christians who find their vocation in the work place and urges his audience to understand the church as...

  • SMU Chapel Fall 2013

    from Undergraduate Chapel: Fall 2013

    31:08 — November 25, 2013

    SMU Chapel Fall 2013

    Chase and Alicia Andre share their experience of ministering to multicultural communities with their church. They encourage their listeners to seek out missional opportunities in the communities su...

  • With God in the Pew

    from With

    by Lisa Igram

    35:35 — October 16, 2013

    With God in the Pew

    Lisa Igram speaks to Biola students about the often difficult task of relating to and growing in a church setting. She shares some of her own church experiences, including what God has taught her a...

  • With God When You're Over It

    from With

    by Chad Miller

    51:41 — October 16, 2013

    With God When You're Over It

    Chad Miller speaks to Biola students about the unique challenges of living within a Christian subculture. He explains how Christians often develop a healthy affiliative faith early on, but that thi...

  • Rethinking Radical

    from With

    by Skye Jethani

    46:04 — October 16, 2013

    Rethinking Radical

    Pastor Skye Jethani redefines what it means to be a radical Christian. Looking at the parable of the prodigal son, he explains that there is a damaging trend to prescribe Christian activism as the ...

  • But Now I See

    from With

    by Skye Jethani

    47:21 — October 16, 2013

    But Now I See

    Pastor Skye Jethani explains that fear is the motivator behind religion and much of Christian busyness. From the example of Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane, he concludes that Christians should be...

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