Why do Christians have a bad reputation?

From Ask the Experts: Energy & the Environment

Garry DeWeese explains why Christianity has a poor reputation in environmentalist circles.



  • Craig J Hazen  

    • Professor of Comparative Religion and Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Christian Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Science and Religion
  • Garrett J DeWeese  

    • Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

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    • Thomas Cotts
    • over 2 years ago

    I just ended a free online course in Environmental Humanities. This video helps me make sense of the principles which guided the creation of that course. One professor casually blamed verses such as Genesis 26 for providing people with a motive to pollute.

    Anyway, my thinking is that God said to have dominion, but said nothing about polluting or improper treatment of animals. In fact, if we followed everything God said, we have none of the problems we now face. (I say this just as a point of fact.)

    I left the course when one of the art projects given as an example of how students can create interventions using material from the Humanities was a video of a student who felt that trees were sentient. Some of the participants in this particular project took this beiief so far, that they considered themselves to be communicating with trees. Of course, I love creativity and I appreciate various tastes in art, but for me, this seemed like a good time to exit the class. Later when I thought about it, I thought, well this is like tree worship to some extent.

    Anyway, just wanted to share what my experience.

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