Test Cross and Genetic Mapping

From BIOS 332: Genetics

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  • 17. Dominant and Recessive Genotypes

    by Jason Tresser

    46:16 — October 10, 2012

    Dominant and Recessive Genotypes

    Dr. Jason Tresser explains how the manifestation of a genotype can be altered by the way a cell manages its gene expression. He goes on to explain linkage, where genes share a chromosome, and how t...


    18. Test Cross and Genetic Mapping

    by Jason Tresser

    47:11 — October 12, 2012

    Test Cross and Genetic Mapping

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  • 19. Chromosomes and Hereditary Genes

    by Jason Tresser

    51:39 — October 22, 2012

    Chromosomes and Hereditary Genes

    Dr. Jason Tresser teaches gene mapping techniques that can be used to locate where a certain allele shows up in a species' genome. This is particularly important to human genetics, he explains, bec...

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