Mutual Submission in Marriage (Eph. 5; Col. 3)

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  • Proactively Defining Your Family Legacy

    Shelley Leith explains that vision must come before tactics when families plan their legacies. She relays her own parenting experience and discusses the importance of helping children to form and u...


    2. Mutual Submission in Marriage (Eph. 5; Col. 3)

    by Ronald W Pierce

    83:53 — March 11, 2013

    Mutual Submission in Marriage (Eph. 5; Col. 3)

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  • 3. Spiritual Friendship

    by Wesley Hill

    28:53 — October 23, 2013

    Spiritual Friendship

    Professor Wesley Hill of Trinity College discusses the value and potential in friendship that often goes unrecognized in the modern Christian community. Hill relates his own experience and the expe...

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