Loving Neighbors and Enemies in an Age of Division [SCORR 2017]

From 2017 SCORR Conference

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  • Thomas M Crisp  

    • Associate Director, Center for Christian Thought
    • Associate Professor of Philosophy, Biola University
  • Brad Christerson  

    • Professor of Sociology

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    • Amanda
    • about 1 year ago

    I appreciate Brad Christerson's point that Christians need to be talking about these issues, especially on a college campus. However, I'd like to point out the sweeping generalizations both speakers made about "Trump Supporters" may be mis-characterizing the views of all the voters who labored prayerfully and tearfully over the candidates in the 2016 election. In the previous presentation, Adam Edgerly did a great job of pointing out in his presentation that two people who are on opposite sides of the political aisle may actually have similar moral/ethical views but come to different conclusions about the best way to accomplish the greatest good or minimize the bad. That is not the message that I'm hearing in this presentation, which seems very one-sided and one-dimensional. That only makes it uncomfortable for people with different views than the speakers, and creates more division rather than more unity.

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