Islam Through the Eyes of Muslims: Nabeel’s Testimony

From Apologetics to Islam

Nabeel Qureshi shares his testimony of converting from Islam to Christianity.


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    1. Islam Through the Eyes of Muslims: Nabeel’s Testimony

    by Nabeel Qureshi

    74:33 — April 19, 2012

    Islam Through the Eyes of Muslims: Nabeel’s Testimony

    Nabeel Qureshi shares his testimony of converting from Islam to Christianity.

  • 2. Islamic Practices and Beliefs

    by Nabeel Qureshi

    87:37 — April 19, 2012

    Islamic Practices and Beliefs

    Nabeel Qureshi explains some of the major beliefs and practices of Islam.

  • Sharia, Hadith, and Islamic History

    Nabeel Qureshi discusses the history of Muhammad and the sources Islam draws on to establish history.

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    • John Szymczak
    • over 3 years ago

    I will be working with Muslims in Kosovo, Jordan,and India. Out of these three countries Kosovo is unique.I am inserting a couple of excerpts from my emails from Kosovo to give an idea of what I am talking about -----
    "A late morning start out the door sent us into town. We soon were walking through a street market of butchered chickens, rusty tools, knock off Adidas cloths, nursery plants, eggs and vegetables. We continued to stroll through town under the daily grey canopy of clouds and light rain. The four of us were in rapt conversation and became oblivious to a weeping sky and the splashing puddles at our feet.

    Rexji, pronounced Reggi, our Kosovar friend, needed to get a haircut so we headed for the barber shop. I decided to get a shave. When I was about to sit in the chair the Barber thanked me for helping to save Kosovo from the Serbians. The heart felt sincerity is unmistakable and the honor given us is like a perfect sunny day with my wife. A close shave is a shave with a straight razor, which gave me a instant desire to stay perfectly still. That was hard enough as Rexji and Duane cracked funniness trying to make me laugh. Then an older man, done with his straight razor head shave, said to my Barber you should be glad you are shaving and American."
    "After the Mayor left for his other meeting the Minister of Agriculture continued the discussion. He to lavished us with praise and thanks for saving their lives and with exposed heart in thankfulness, that we are committed to help in their economic development. At this point I was feeling really good and I haven't even done anything for them yet. His staff of three agronomists, each of these are specialized, one in crop production, the other two focus on certain crops also were in attendance. All of us traveled to the following destinations together."
    Observing Kosovo
    "Driving through Metrovica remnants of war and sadness peek out amidst the renewal of a city. Weather worn partial red brick walls hang like cement rags or broken jagged teeth shattered by
    bullets, bombs, and time. The Kosovars, a welcoming people full of hope for the future treat their American guests as if we are the actual brave U.S. soldiers who kept them from destruction. This thankfulness is further expressed through hand shakes, hugs, and smiles, and feeding excellent local cuisine. The flight going home will have more weight on it. Indeed one hopes it will get off the ground."
    We still have to approach our discussions about faith with great discernment, however, the opportunities are more frequent than usual. All that just to say, THANK YOU for putting this video series together. It is very helpful. I'm dreaming but I would love to have you at our church or attend your classes on the subject. I have even a crazier idea that you come with us on a trip to Kosovo to train the missionaries living there. That would be great.

    A Brother in Christ
    John Szymczak
    Director of Agriculture\Amazing Yield
    IBam - International Business as Mission

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