Is there a safe way to generate nuclear energy?

From Ask the Experts: Energy & the Environment

John Bloom, David Pelser, Brent Ridley, and Garry DeWeese consider the possibilities of safe and sustainable nuclear energy.



  • Craig J Hazen  

    • Professor of Comparative Religion and Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Christian Apologetics
    • Director, M.A. in Science and Religion
  • John A. Bloom  

    • Professor of Physics
    • Chair, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Dept.
    • Academic Director, MA in Science and Religion
  • David Pelser

    • Director, Public Works
  • Brent A. Ridley  

    • Former Associate Professor of Physical Science
  • Garrett J DeWeese  

    • Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

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    • Energymixreport
    • over 4 years ago

    Is best to explore other options for energy and stay away from nuclear energy because of the environment. I agree with Brent on this one. Wind energy is safe. I have some resource here:

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