Immigration and Loving Your Neighbor

From Undergraduate Chapel: Fall 2017

Josh Smith is the pastor of Mountainside Communion in Monrovia, CA. As the church interacted with their neighbors, they realized that a community need was in immigration. Thus, they started the Immigration Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley to serve their community. With President Trump's call to terminate DACA last week, Pastor Josh is uniquely positioned to speak on immigration and DACA from a pastoral and theological perspective.

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    • Godestablishedyou Escobedo
    • about 1 year ago

    "With President Trump's call to terminate DACA last week"

    Actually, he removed an unconstitutional and illegal executive order that left people with no hope of citizenship in a limbo where they get their money gouged every year. I as a Mexican, know many people under DACA, and people that are actually illegal with absolutely nothing. These people are close to me, family to me, not sure why this is relevant, as you are allowed to have an opinion on the matter anyway, but since that is important to you, I threw that out there.
    So, back to the matter at hand, the correct and lawful thing to do, which is what Trump did, is push congress to do something with the DACA recipients, get them out of the eternal limbo, either have a path to legalize them through or get some sort of work/study permit that is not on shaky legal ground. Imagine, there were people burning their MAGA caps because Trump was allowing the possibility of amnesty, yet, even BIOLA is accusing Trump of killing DACA when that is factually incorrect.

    So, I would hope people at BIOLA are above the world's slander and witch hunts against a president because he happens to be a patriot. For some, nowadays being a patriot is a worse evil than being attracted to the same sex. Apparently, this is even true at BIOLA, especially given some of the recent speakers in chapel. Talking about having your morals backwards. I mean, in case you didn't notice, the bible is nationalistic. Mostly because God forced us, the humans on earth, to divide in Genesis. And then he made a dispensation for a preferred nation, because unifying the planet and getting rid of the borders is what gives way to the Antichrist and the end times. And even when we all reach the kingdom of heaven, we will be called, divided by tribes and nations, so even then, nationalism will still be a thing, because God has made it that way.

    • Doug
    • about 1 year ago

    Trump did not "call to terminate DACA last week." Congress makes laws in this country. Trump put the ball in their court. Why would Biola mischaracterize the President's action?

    This pastor seems to minimize the benefit of living in the US. He doesn't seem to understand the legal situation. The Direct of Worship doesn't seem to understand DACA as well. How liberal is Biola? We have a Jr. that had Biola on its list but this video concerns me.

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