Image of God (Spring 2015)

From Undergraduate Chapel: Spring 2015

Three students share their testimonies of struggling with addictions, trauma, and illness. The students tell of how God has demonstrated his faithfulness through their circumstances and encourage their listeners to rest in the confidence that God's grace and love surpasses every trial.


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  • 48. Introduction to 2015 Missions Conference

    6:25 — March 9, 2015

    Introduction to 2015 Missions Conference

    SMU staff introduce the 2015 Missions Conference, sharing their hearts for the Biola community through this conference. The staff explain the seminars that will occur during the conference and intr...

  • 49. The Stations of the Cross

    by Steve Bell and Malcolm Guite

    43:28 — March 26, 2015

    The Stations of the Cross

    Steve Bell and Malcolm Guite discuss the stations of the cross. They share songs and poetry that probe into the meaning and significance of each station and the implications that each station has f...

  • 50. A King Worth Serving

    by LeAnne Hardy

    21:37 — April 17, 2015

    A King Worth Serving

    Author LeAnne Hardy shares her story of discovering her calling and surrendering her dreams to God. She discusses the power of literature to point to Christ, and shares some of her novel, "Glastonb...

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