How Can the Church Support Their Working-Class Congregation?

From Worklife Discipleship

Christian Leadership Panelists discuss the necessity of integrating faith with all of life, particularly the work life, and how churches and schools can prepare students to not isolate work and faith. They note the important role of pastors and professors in encouraging and ministering to business people.


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    • almost 5 years ago

    Working in the inner-city for 22 years, I have seen first-hand what the importance of CAPITALISM is--in providing jobs, giving new direction, teaching adult responsibility, changing lives. I so agree with Mr. Pollard: paraphrased, without capital, there is no ministry. God calls His people to give/to provide for the ministry. In 22 years of INNER-CITY ministry, my experience has transformed me from socialist to fiscal conservative after witnessing the waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars via state and federal programs for the poor. I love my community but government handouts has caused more harm than good. Capitalism, although not perfect, has brought fiscal freedom and hope and maturity through responsibility. Proud of our Biola grad (2013) in business management who is now attending Asbury Seminary. Thank you, Biola!!

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