Embodied Spirituality: Exploring Christian Spiritual Formation

From Center for Christian Thought Studio Interviews

James K.A. Smith, Betsy Barber, and Todd Pickett discuss: suspicions about psychology in Christian spirituality, ancient psychologists' insight on spiritual formation, why the body is so important in Christian theology and spiritual practice, prayer, and formation of the whole person.


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  • James K.A. Smith

    • Professor of Philosophy
  • Betsy A Barber  

    • Associate Professor of Spirituality and Psychology
    • Director, Center for Spiritual Renewal
    • Associate Director, Institute for Spiritual Formation
  • Todd Pickett  

    • Dean of Spiritual Life

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    • J.S.
    • about 4 years ago

    I've just read Metaxas' biography on Bonhoeffer in which the illegal seminaries of the Confessing Church at Zingst and Finkenwalde were described in great detail. They were Bonhoeffer's vision of community that would provide the spiritual formation for future pastors. His rituals of scripture reading, communal and individual prayer were quite unorthodox for the Evangelical church tradition; however, the fruit of these practices was evidenced when many of the pastors went through great trials of war and persecution. Maybe Bonhoeffer's thoughts on community could be revived for the discussion on this topic!

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