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  • Christopher R Grace  

    • Director, Biola University‚Äôs Center for Marriage and Relationships
    • Professor of Psychology, Rosemead School of Psychology

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    1. Class Introduction

    by Christopher R Grace

    1:38 — August 1, 2014

    Class Introduction

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  • 2. What is Psychology?

    by Christopher R Grace

    40:43 — August 28, 2013

    What is Psychology?

    Dr. Chris Grace introduces his class to the topic of psychology. With various examples, he explains what sort of human behaviors psychology is interested in studying. Dr. Grace has his class contr...

  • 3. Psychology and Its Mysteries

    by Christopher R Grace

    58:27 — September 4, 2013

    Psychology and Its Mysteries

    Dr. Chris Grace explains the questions and topics that psychology seeks to answer. He presents a number of questions aimed at popular notions of psychology and shares their sometimes surprising res...

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