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At Biola, we believe journalism and public relations that tell the truth need not leave people in despair. Journalism that honors God brings hope. No others are more equipped to point Him out than those who see Him with eyes that have come to know Him well.

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BBST 465: Religion, Culture and Media

Spring 2011, Dr. Joanne Jung & Dr. Michael Longinow

How do religion, culture, and the media interact in an increasingly globalized, postmodern world? Biblical studies and theology professor Joanne Jung and journalism professor Michael Longinow expl...

A Biblical Perspective of Journalism

Dr. Michael Longinow talks about popular views of the influence of religion in higher education and in journalism. He shows how exposing wrongs are not always tied to negative attributes and how th...

How Americans Use Media to Say Goodbye

Dr. Michael Longinow talks about how media is used as a coping and grieving mechanism in society today. In a media saturated culture, pictures, videos and other physical manifestations have a neces...

Japanese Identity and Suffering

Dr. Michael Longinow talks about how different cultures shape perceptions about suffering. He goes in-depth with Japan's response to suffering particularly in the March 2011 tsunami and WWII.

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