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The mission of the Department of History and Political Science is to foster a community of learners who, as lovers of truth, study history, political science, and geography.

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Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Week

Rabbi Michael Berenbaum emphasizes the need for general education surrounding the Holocaust. Berenbaum also touches on what role this area of study may play in the broader context of Christian educ...

The Dangers of Faction

Dr. Scott Waller explains the role of government in controlling factions and shows how this is relevant to policy today.

Jeffersonian Types of Government

Dr. Scott Waller explains the principles of Jeffersonian government. He outlines how these views affected the early development of the national government.

The Presidential Election Process

Dr. Scott Waller teaches the basics of the American electoral process. He analyzes historical election trends and landmarks, both past and present.

The Legislative Branch

Dr. Scott Waller explains the powers of the legislative branch and the process of lawmaking.

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