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Christian Apologetics is an essential interdisciplinary field of study that has as its goal the defense of the great truths of the Christian faith. The M.A. in Christian Apologetics is a premier graduate degree in the defense of the Christian faith.

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Death, Dying, and Assisted Suicide, Part 1

Dr. Scott Rae teaches ethical and moral principles useful for wrestling with the topics of death, dying, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. Dr. Rae gives specific considerations for individuals walk...

Who Makes the Rules? Abortion: Law, Metaphysics, and Moral Neutrality

Professor Scott Klusendorf lays out some foundational principles to consider in the discussion of abortion. Klusendorf also highlights many of the common assumptions that are perpetuated in the con...

Sanity in the Voting Booth

The Christian Role in Politics

Biola Professors explore the role of Christian in government, politics, and law. Covering diverse areas such as the Constitution, voting, due process, and a theology of politics, anyone interested...

Creation as God's Temple

In this seminar Dr. DeWeese addresses the importance of seeing Creation as God's temple. He explains this in terms of the cultural context of the Ancient Near East. This weekend seminar on Environm...

Science and Theistic Evolution

Can you believe in God and evolution at the same time? Is it "anti-science" to question Darwinian theory? Explore these questions and more in this conference at Biola University. Jonathan Wells d...

Apologetics to Islam

Nabeel Qureshi unpacks the culture, history, major teachings, beliefs, and attitudes of the Islamic faith. Beyond providing an incredible amount of factual information, Qureshi uses his personal co...

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    • Scott B Rae  

      • Chair, Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
      • Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
    • Walter Russell  

      • Professor of Bible Exposition
    • Craig J Hazen  

      • Professor of Comparative Religion and Apologetics
      • Director, M.A. in Christian Apologetics
      • Director, M.A. in Science and Religion
    • Joseph H Hellerman  

      • Professor of New Testament Language and Literature
    • John A. Bloom  

      • Professor of Physics
      • Chair, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Dept.
      • Academic Director, MA in Science and Religion
    • Kevin Alan Lewis  

      • Associate Professor of Theology and Law
    • J.P. Moreland  

      • Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
    • John Mark Reynolds  

      • Former Director of the Torrey Honors Institute and Professor of Philosophy, Biola University
      • Provost, Houston Baptist University
    • Clay Jones  

      • Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics
    • Kathy McReynolds  

      • Adjunct Professor, Biola University


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