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Visiting Artist: Piece #1

Roger Feldman of Seattle Pacific University discusses his piece, "Ears to Hear, Eyes to See."

On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art

2008 Art Symposium

In response to James Elkins' book, "On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art," Christian artists gather to consider just how Christianity can be manifested in contemporary art. The arti...

Discussion: Vocation and The Artist of Faith

A panel discusses how art and religion interact within vocational Christian art.

ARTS 315: Contemporary Art Trends

Fall 2011, Jonathan Anderson

Professor Jon Anderson explains conventions and schools of thought that have been prevalent in modern, postmodern, and other contemporary art. Anderson offers insight into the philosophy and meanin...

The (Spiritual) Crisis of Abstract Expressionism: Mark Rothko

Assistant Professor of Art, Jonathan Anderson, lectures on Jackson Pollock and various divergent interpretations of his work. He then focuses the discussion on Abstract Expressionism especially as...

Art and Sacred Space: Spatial Encounters with God

2012 Biola University Art Symposium

A collection of speakers which includes Nicholas Wolterstorff, Roberta Ahmanson, Jonathan Anderson, and David Nystrom addresses the topic of sacred spaces. As each speaker brings his or her own vis...

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    The art program prepares students by immersing them in the contemporary visual arts culture. They learn about the art world by interacting with a vibrant international arts community while integrating their studies into an evangelical Christian world-view.

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