Torrey Honors: Theology

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  • Theology of Acts

    from Torrey Honors: Theology

    by Fred Sanders

    60:03 — September 3, 2010

    Theology of Acts

    Dr. Fred Sanders describes the theology of Acts by looking at three major theological points in the book: the Word and Holy Spirit are closely related, salvation is in Jesus' name, and Jesus speaks...


The Torrey Honors Institute is a Great Books honors program at Biola University, emphasizing dialogue with primary texts and community discussion. The seminar-style program is supplemented by a series of context lectures to help students understand the ways in which those Great Books exerted influence on their surrounding culture as well as the way the authors were influenced by the context in which they wrote. The context lectures presented here focus broadly on theology looking at Augustine's theology, the Book of Acts, Calvin's theology, amongst others.


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