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Defining the Relationship

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In this award-winning Awareness Week, anthropological and sociological experts from Biola explore love and relationships in the context of a Christian college environment. Taking the motif of the oft-experienced at Biola, and often much-feared, act of the "DTR" (Defining The Relationship), professors help students think through tough issues from dating to marriage to sex.


  • Timothy Muehlhoff  

    • Associate Professor of Communication
    • Professor of Communication Studies
  • Noreen Muehlhoff  

    • Administrative Coordinator, Spiritual Development
  • Erik Thoennes  

    • Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
    • Chair, Biblical & Theological Studies Theology Department
  • Donna Thoennes  

    • Associate Professor of Torrey Honors Institute
  • Christopher R Grace  

    • Director, Biola University‚Äôs Center for Marriage and Relationships
    • Professor of Psychology, Rosemead School of Psychology
  • Alisa Grace

    • Speaker
  • Kristen White  

    • Counselor, Biola Counseling Center
  • Kathleen Doyle  

    • Pastoral Counselor / Church Consultant / Former Biola R.D.
  • Gary H Strauss  

    • Professor of Psychology
  • Judy Ten Elshof  

    • Professor of Spirituality and Marriage & Family
    • Institute for Spiritual Formation and Christian Ministry and Leadership
    • Director of Talbot's Spiritual Formation Focus
    • Associate Director, Center for Spiritual Renewal
    • Founder, Hilltop Renewal Center

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