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  • Who is God?

    from Greater

    by Henry Joseph

    36:32 — March 11, 2015

    Who is God?

    Henry Joseph preaches on understanding who God is within the context of Exodus chapter 3:13-15. He discusses God’s hand on Moses’ life in preparing him for a mission. Throughout Moses’ life God t...

  • Compelled: Living the Mission of God

    from Greater

    by Ed Stetzer

    40:22 — March 11, 2015

    Compelled: Living the Mission of God

    2 Corinthians 5 says that anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. Ed Stetzer expounds on this reality, pointing out that Christ's ministry of reconciliation on behalf of the world enables His fo...

  • Who Do You Say I Am?

    from Greater

    by Bianca Olthoff

    29:12 — March 11, 2015

    Who Do You Say I Am?

    The powerful name of Jesus is, for His children, a statement of their own identities. Through John 14 and Matthew 16, Bianca Olthoff proclaims that we are not the weak humans we think we are, but c...

  • The Lion's Call

    from Greater

    by Matt Brown

    41:14 — March 12, 2015

    The Lion's Call

    Matt Brown dismisses the mistaken belief that we must improve to work with God, stressing that God doesn't look for people with qualifications. Instead, He calls you, knowing your failings, and ask...

  • Your Great Calling

    from Greater

    by Steve Haas

    44:52 — March 12, 2015

    Your Great Calling

    Your brokenness does not disqualify you from being apart of God's plan to change the world. Jesus came to bring full life to the world, to call all people to community in Himself. Steve Haas preach...

  • Engaging All God's People Involved in Mission

    Is everyone called to the life of missions? Ed Stetzer thinks the answer is yes, but explains that "missions" goes beyond foreign travel and preaching. Stetzer redefines missions as living for the ...

  • Encounter with The Great I AM

    from Greater

    by Henry Joseph

    53:01 — March 13, 2015

    Encounter with The Great I AM

    You are going to let God down. But that's okay, Henry Joseph says, because He knew you would, and still called you from darkness to light. Bound to God through the covenant, you are called a priest...

  • Free to Be Me

    from Greater

    by Matt Brown

    46:11 — March 11, 2015

    Free to Be Me

    Pastor Matt Brown shares with students the importance of knowing God, through the perspective of following Jesus from the context of Mark Chapter 10. Matt teaches God’s mission is for all of us as ...

  • What God Revealed to Moses

    from Greater

    by Rodney Pennington

    52:13 — March 11, 2015

    What God Revealed to Moses

    Through his discussion on God's role as the "Great I AM," Rodney Pennington encourages believers to rely on God's plan for their lives. Pennington examines God's work in the life of Moses, emphasiz...

  • The Great I AM Wants Justice

    from Greater

    by Palmer Chinchen

    46:15 — March 11, 2015

    The Great I AM Wants Justice

    Where is God in a world full of injustice? Palmer Chinchen tackles the subject in his discussion of a just God's participation in an unjust world, and addresses how God's heart for justice extends ...


Who is God?
We are disciples, but who are we disciples of? If we’re honest with ourselves, do we know why we are disciples of Jesus Christ? It’s scary to think that so often we are way more familiar with what Christians are supposed to do, instead of knowing who made us to do those things in the first place.

– Exodus 3, Isaiah 61

It’s Not About Us
Who is the Great I AM? Who is this holy God who has called us into this great adventure? As Christians, we cannot know our calling until we understand and personally know the One who created us. Our lives are meant to be spent in fellowship with our Father and living out His adventure for us. Who do we think we are? This life is not about us.

– 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:10, Exodus 19

Walking in Freedom
If we are meant to walk in freedom, then why are we still afraid? Why do we not go out with the authority of our God who has raised His Son from the grave? The fullness of God is upon us. This is our time to go and complete the task laid out before us by Jesus Christ. Our lives are but a second compared to eternity, so how do we navigate life even in the mundane with heaven as our goal?

– John 14:8-14, John 15:1-17

The Great Adventure
Ultimately, we want students to walk away loving Jesus more. We want each and every student to experience the Great I AM and from that knowledge be compelled to be apart of completing the Great Commission wherever they are at. This means understanding that missions is a lifestyle not an event. We want Biola as a community to walk in the freedom and authority of Jesus Christ now and for the rest of their lives until every ear has heard and every tongue has confessed. We have been called by the Great I AM to do great things.

– Matthew 28:17-20, Philippians 2:9-11


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