2014 Missions Conference

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  • Why Missions? To Hasten the Return of the Day

    Pastor Rodrick Gilbert speaks about the nature of missions and how Christians ought to approach reaching the world with the gospel. He explains that missions hastens the day of Christ's return and ...

  • Blessing to the Nations

    from Echo

    by Afshin Ziafat

    44:26 — March 12, 2014

    Blessing to the Nations

    Pastor Afshin Ziafat preaches the gospel from beginning to end and exhorts his audience to become enthralled with their salvation. Only when there is a passion for and from salvation, Ziafat says, ...

  • God is Missionary: The Life of God and the Gospel

    Dr. Mickey Klink shows from Scripture that God is, at his core, a missionary God. He surveys Scripture to highlight the garden imagery used throughout the Bible that demonstrates God care for the w...

  • Church is Missionary: The Life of the Church and the Gospel

    Dr. Mickey Klink preaches about the missional nature of the church. He explains that the ideal realtionship between the church and the world is for the church to be a faithful presence within the w...

  • Time To Arise

    from Echo

    by Stefan Vandenkooy

    3:06 — March 12, 2014

    Time To Arise

    Stefan Vandenkooy performs a spoken word poem and rap, titled "Time to Arise." He is accompanied by four drummers.

  • Our Role in the Making

    from Echo

    by Megan Fate Marshman

    42:22 — March 13, 2014

    Our Role in the Making

    Megan Fate Marshman preaches out of Acts 1, encouraging her listeners to walk boldly in the power and ministry of Jesus. She emphasizes that ever since Jesus left, his church has taken over his min...

  • Scripture Reading - Missions Conference 2014

    Students share Revelation 5:13 in numerous languages as a demonstration of God's final victory, when people from every tribe, tongue, and nation will praise him.

  • Ends of the Earth

    from Echo

    by Afshin Ziafat

    50:22 — March 13, 2014

    Ends of the Earth

    Pastor Afshin Ziafat discusses how the mission of Jesus is walked out in the lives of Christians. He shares some of his own story and emphasizes the importance of discipleship in the local church. ...

  • Making Multiplying Disciples

    from Echo

    by Rodrick Gilbert

    47:24 — March 14, 2014

    Making Multiplying Disciples

    Pastor Rodrick Gilbert discusses the importance of discipleship and the possibilities that arise when Christians are actively evangelizing. He urges his audience to recognize the importance of the ...

  • Never the Same – How the Gospel is Changing Lives and Transforming Cultures

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At ECHO 14, we believe King Jesus has brought us into God’s Story. The biblical narrative from Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) to the Great Commission by Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20) proclaims in what way the nations will be gathered. Through making disciples and being rooted the local church, the culmination of the nations gathered to King Jesus will be accomplished (Revelation 5). As discipleship begins in the local context, global realities will be birthed (Acts 1:8). It is our prayer and deepest desire that Biola students would leave the 2014 Missions Conference with a deep longing to be a disciple and to make disciples in the context of the local church as they are captivated by the grand story of God (Genesis 12:3; Matthew 28:16-20; Revelation 5). In this Grand Story, students will realize they have been called to make disciples in the Acts 1:8 model from a local context rippling to the global context. As students leave conference they will resonate with three main ideas: Story “I have a unique role in God’s global story and I can have a global impact through my local reality.” Discipleship “I have been called to be a disciple and to make disciples both in a local and global context.” Local Church “I have been called to love the local church and to practice discipleship within the local church context.” It is time for Biola to be captivated by God’s grand story and to see how the local church and discipleship will bring the culmination of every nation before the throne of King Jesus.


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