Do the Right Thing

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Join Chuck Colson and a panel of leading ethicists, CEOs, economists, legal minds and scholars as they examine the recent financial and economic crises, cultural shifts in attitudes towards marriage and family, human and civil rights, life and death and what it means to be human, and basic principles of right and wrong. How do we learn to retrain our minds and restrain our will and start doing the right thing?


  • Frank Pastore

    • Host of the Frank Pastore Show, 99.5 FM KKLA
  • Chuck Colson

    • Founder, Prison Fellowship, BreakPoint
  • Sean McDowell

    • Author / Speaker / Educator, Worldview Ministries
  • John Stonestreet

    • Executive Director, Summit Ministries
    • Fellow, Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview
  • Scott B Rae  

    • Chair, Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
    • Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
  • Barry H. Corey  

    • President, Biola University

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