BBST 251: Theology I

Fall 2010, Dr. Erik Thoennes

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  • The Duality of Jesus' Humanity and Divinity

    After opening with a hymn, Dr. Erik Thoennes teaches on the reality and importance of the humanity of Christ. He stresses that Jesus understands humanity's pain, toil, and limitations from His time...

  • The Apostle's Creed

    Dr. Erik Thoennes outlines the Apostles' Creed and the significance of its points and accuracy. He discusses some of the theological challenges that have been placed against the creed and explains ...

  • The Deity of Christ: Son of Man

    Dr. Erik Thoennes digs through Scripture to prove that Jesus was fully aware of His deity. Thoennes explains how Jesus draws from various Old Testament examples to call Himself God and makes the po...

  • Who is Jesus?

    from BBST 251: Theology I

    by Erik Thoennes

    53:35 — April 14, 2011

    Who is Jesus?

    Dr. Erik Thoennes begins answering the ever-important question of who Christ is. Thoennes emphasizes that Jesus' purpose was to save humanity because humanity cannot save itself. He continues on to...

  • Doctrine of Sin

    from BBST 251: Theology I

    by Erik Thoennes

    59:07 — April 7, 2011

    Doctrine of Sin

    Dr. Erik Thoennes unpacks a biblical definition of sin. He states that Christians must recognize how humanity is innately foul, how righteous hatred is necessary for godly love, and how sin brings ...

  • The Providence of God

    Dr. Erik Thoennes outlines the biblical concepts of God's transcendence, immanence and omnipresence. He works through some of the harder issues of providence to make the statement that God can work...

  • The Image of God, Part II

    Dr. Erik Thoennes teaches that Christians are obligated to look at humanity with value from God. He refutes the common view that functionality determines human value and shows that value comes inst...

  • Humanity and The Image of God

    Dr. Erik Thoennes works out a deeper definition of humanity by discussing its essence and function. Thoennes emphasizes that love for God necessarily implies love for other people and discusses how...

  • The Doctrine of Humanity

    Dr. Erik Thoennes works through the doctrine of creation to obtain a biblical definition of humanity. He makes the significant point that humanity is both made in the image of God and a fallen crea...

  • The Doctrine of Creation

    Dr. Erik Thoennes highlights God's role as Creator in Scripture and makes the point that there is special emphasis on God as the Creator of humans. Based on creation, Thoennes explains that God has...


Dr. Erik Thoennes teaches some of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. These include the biblical doctrines of Christ, the Trinity, man, and sin. Thoennes additionally explains the historical development of many of the doctrines.


  • Erik Thoennes  

    • Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
    • Chair, Biblical & Theological Studies Theology Department

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