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In this series, listeners will be challenged to consider the dynamic relationship between art and faith. David Taylor, Charlene Melhorn, and Lynn Aldrich discuss how art might be used to communicate ideas of faith while simultaneously suggesting that faith may indeed be an invaluable tool for artistic practice and appreciation.


  • Jonathan A. Anderson  

    • Assistant Professor of Art
  • Erik Thoennes  

    • Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies
    • Chair, Biblical & Theological Studies Theology Department
  • Ben Quash

    • Professor of Christianity and the Arts, King's College (London)
  • Mako Fujimura

    • Artist / Writer / Speaker
  • Aaron J Kleist  

    • Chair of Humanities
    • Co-Chair, Department of English
    • Research Associate Professor of English
    • Professor, English
  • Richard C. Langer  

    • Professor of Biblical Studies and Theological Integration
    • Director, Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning
  • Timothy Muehlhoff  

    • Associate Professor of Communication
    • Professor of Communication Studies
  • Paul Spears  

    • Associate Professor
    • Director, Torrey Honors Institute
  • Rachel Hostetter Smith

    • Professor / Artist, Taylor University
  • Daniel Siedell

    • Art Director, Whale & Star

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