2013 SCORR Conference

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  • SCORR Luncheon

    from 2013 SCORR Conference

    by Pete Menjares

    22:30 — February 22, 2013

    SCORR Luncheon

    Dr. Pete Menjares, President of Fresno Pacific University, speaks at the 2013 SCORR Conference. He discusses the expectation of leaders to fill a wide variety of difficult roles and concludes that ...

  • Except God

    from 2013 SCORR Conference

    by Cameron Gardiner

    5:03 — March 22, 2013

    Except God

    Cameron Gardiner shares spoken word poetry calling Christians to rally behind the last, the lost, and the least in the face of a culture that says otherwise. With his audience, Gardiner proclaims, ...

  • Layers

    from 2013 SCORR Conference

    by Jonathan Seruyange

    5:53 — March 22, 2013


    Jonathan Seruyange shares spoken word poetry illustrating the layers that make a person. He poses a question to his audience: "Do you know me?"

  • Racial Reconciliation

    from 2013 SCORR Conference

    by Adam Edgerly

    48:23 — February 22, 2013

    Racial Reconciliation

    Pastor Adam Edgerly looks at the writings of Isaiah, later quoted by Jesus, and explains the importance of social justice. He relays recent church history and the gap that has been created in Chris...

  • My Testimony

    from 2013 SCORR Conference

    by Michaela Gregory

    14:18 — March 23, 2013

    My Testimony

    Michaela Gregory shares her testimony, explaining how and why she has become so devoted to racial reconciliation and social justice. She urges her audience to get to know someone of a different rac...

  • Jesus' Ministry and Understanding the Culture

    Pastor Adam Edgerly looks to Luke 4, where Jesus quotes Isaiah to his home congregation, to understand the necessity for reconciliation with one's own identity. He explains that the Jews' lack of r...


SCORR is the Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation. With attendees from Christian universities throughout the nation, the conference exists to empower students to become catalysts for change through transformational learning and growth as they engage the diversity of the Kingdom of God.


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