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WorkLife was originated by Doug Spada, the founder and CEO. He had previously worked in the military as a nuclear engineer and an operator of fast attack submarines. Following this, Doug threw his energies into starting and running a successful energy consulting firm in Southern California throughout the 90's. After increasingly finding himself involved in sharing the reality of the gospel within the context of his daily work and the relationships that naturally occur in a working environment, he was struggling to find the best way to personally experience God’s best and deepest calling for his life. Doug looked to his own local church for answers, and this intensified the confusion and truth about his personal calling around work. Initially reasoning that joining church staff would be the most significant way to walk out his sense of personal calling, Doug set out to do just that. However, this door kept closing and Doug struggled to understand why. This experience increased Doug’s frustration concerning the understanding of faith, work and calling. After a challenging period of grappling with these issues, God led Doug to the profound but practical truth that his spiritual gifting had everything to do with his vocational life irrespective of the role or place. Work took on an entirely new perspective as Doug began to experience the biblical truth that work is a holy calling when done with, for and through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally, there was freedom to work as a genuine calling of God.

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  • Launched or Landed

    from Taking Faith To Work

    by Doug Spada

    87:02 — April 16, 2013

    Launched or Landed

    Doug Spada discusses the importance of viewing work in the marketplace as ministry. He explains some of the challenges that workers are confronted with when integrating their faith and work, then s...

  • Learning to Trust God

    from Taking Faith To Work

    by Doug Spada

    61:49 — April 16, 2013

    Learning to Trust God

    Doug Spada addresses the common struggle of Christians to switch God off during the work week. He asks his audience to consider the ways that they have switched God off. Spada encourages his listen...

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