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  • Is Faith in God Reasonable?

    What hath Jerusalem to do with Athens? Or what hath faith to do with reason? Drs. William Lane Craig and Alex Rosenberg debate this all important and pervasive question concerning the reasonablenes...

  • Peter Drucker's Theology of Work

    Joseph Maciariello addresses Talbot School of Theology faculty about lessons in authority, power, and leadership in a moral sense learned from management guru Peter Drucker. He covers absolute pow...

  • Stories That Impact the World

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  • Taking Theology and Spiritual Discipline into the Marketplace

    Dr. Dallas Willard challenges Talbot School of Theology faculty to teach a spiritual view of the goodness of work, leading students to develop moral and productive work habits by incorporating the ...

  • The Origin of Life: Evolution vs. Design

    Michael Ruse and Fuz Rana square off to debate the question "Are natural processes sufficient to explain the origin and the complexity of the cell?" Moderated by Craig Hazen, and recorded live at t...

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  • Scott B Rae  

    • Chair, Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
    • Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

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